City of Cannon Beach

Public Art Program

Proposals for the 2014 Public Arts Program
December 6, 2013

The City of Cannon Beach Public Art Committee, on behalf of the City of Cannon Beach, Oregon, seeks proposals for a site specific public structure/art project for a prominent location in the main business corridor of town. Click here for more information.

Previous Public Art Program Winners

Whale Bones

"Whale Ribs"
Nick Thomas Design Studio

Salmon Sculpture

"Salmon Journey"
Lillan Pitt and Aaron Loveitt


"Tufted Puffins"
Georgia Gerber

The Wave

"The Wave"
Sharon Warman Agnor

Delicate Balance

"A Delicate Balance"
Wayne Chabre

Fisherman's Dance

"Fisherman's Dance"
Steve Jensen

Contact Bench

Alisa A. Looney