City of Cannon Beach

Tsunami Evacuation Building (T.E.B.)

An Ad-hoc Design Committee has prepared a preliminary White Paper on the Cannon Beach City Hall Tsunami Evacuation Building (TEB) that discusses a conceptual design for a new Cannon Beach City Hall that would serve as a community TEB. The conceptual design for the TEB was developed by an Ad-Hoc Design team made up of engineers, an architect, and scientists with expertise in risk management, tsunami evacuation modeling, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, wave energy dissipation engineering, architecture, computer programming and local design considerations.

The proposed Cannon Beach City Hall/TEB is one of the first tsunami evacuation buildings to be be considered in the United States and, if approved, would replace the existing Cannon Beach City Hall with a raised structure that could withstand the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami in order to provide refuge from a potential tsunami for 800-1,000 people. In addition, the building would insure that governmental functions would also survive to aid in relief and reconstruction efforts. The City Hall/TEB would serve as a demonstration project for other coastal communities with high tsunami risk.









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