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Below are some of the Birds, Marine Invertebrates and other things that call Haystack Rock home. Many of the birds come to the rock in the spring and stay through the summer--just like some of our human visitors! The marine invertebrates are hearty year-rounders. We update this page often so be sure to check back soon to learn more about Haystack's amazing habitat.


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     Friends of Haystack Rock Awareness Program  
     Haystack Rock Awareness Program  
Birds (Vertebrates)  
     Bald Eagle Black Oystercatcher
     Black Turnstone Common Murre
     Harlegquin Duck Cormorant -
     Osprey      Brandt's
     Pelican               Double-Crested
     Peregrine         Pelagic
     Pigeon Guillemot Sanderlings
     Surf Scoter Tufted Puffin
     Western Gull  
     Haystack Rock  
Intertidal Animals (Invertebrates)  
     Anemone -  
          Aggregating Barnacles -
          Giant Green      Gooseneck
          Moonglow      Thatched
     Chiton - Clam -
           Leather      Piddock
           Lined      Razor
          Woody Pink Mouth Hydroid
     Crab - Kelp Isopod
          Dungeness Goosberry Jelly
          Hermit Limpet -
          Kelp      Fingered
          Mole      Keyhole
          Porcelain Rock Louse
          Red Rock - California Mussel
               Shore Crab - Nudibranch (Sea Slug) -
                    Lined      Clown
                    Purple      Frosted
     Eccentric Sand Dollar      Janolus
     Tidepool Sculpin      Leopard
     Sea Cucumber      Opalescent
     Purple Sea Urchin      Rufus Tipped
     Bay Shrimp      Sea Lemon
     Snails -      Shaggy Mouse
          Frilled Dogwinkle Sponge -
          Olive      Breadcrumb
          Turban      Purple
     Sea Stars -      Red
          Leather Velella Velella    
          Ochre Cellophane Worm (Casings)
Plants & Algae  
     Diatoms Black Pine
     Coralline Algae Dead Man's Fingers
     Kelp - Sea Lettuce

Birds-birds on the Go-go
HRAP Interpreter Todd Jennings wrote an article on the area's fall bird migration. The article appears in the August/September 2001 issue of the Pelican Post, a free publication. A text only copy is available online by clicking here [.pdf]. For the sidebar on the remarkable science behind bird migrations click here [.pdf]; another sidebar details birding destinations and tips for the North Coast of Oregon and around the mouth of the Columbia River (click here [.pdf]).

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Photo Credits:
Haystack Rock Awareness Program Photo Archives
Don Baccus
Marcus G. Martin
Brian Godfrey Gary

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