City of Cannon Beach

Ecola Outfall Information and Testing

The City’s stormwater testing program is moving into the next phase of attempting to determine the source of enterococcus bacteria. City staff will conduct testing in a coordinated protocol at multiple sites within the upper Gower drainage basin starting April 2014 through the end of 2015 Therefore the City’s beach outfall testing results will no longer be displayed on this page. This basin’s beach outfall is monitored annually by the Oregon Beach Monitoring Program (site name: Ecola Court Outfall). A link to the OBMP website is below. Test data for Cannon Beach sites can be found at their website.

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Haystack Rock

How can you help keep our streams and runoff clean and healthy?

  • Don't feed wildlife: birds and animals can find their own food. Most food offered by humans is unhealthy for them.
  • Keep garbage cans securely covered.
  • Do not consider wildlife as pets. Many carry diseases. Raccoons particularly carry many bacteria dangerous to humans.
  • Convert impervious surfaces, such as parking areas, to pervious materials so runoff is absorbed by the ground instead of entering the storm sewer system.
  • Build holding and pervious catch basins for roof runoff instead of directing it to the storm sewer system.