Short-Term Rental Task Force


The City has regulated short-term rentals since the 1980s. “Short-term” means tenancy of less than a month. Short-term rental regulations have recently been amended, with the provision that a Short-Term Rental Task Force be instituted to study the data being collected by the City.

Task Force Mission

In order to maintain the residential character and livability of its neighborhoods and to prevent the adverse effects of the transient occupancy of dwelling units on residential neighborhoods, it is necessary to limit and regulate the transient occupancy of dwelling units, by investigating the rental permitting, violations and impacts of the STR program in Cannon Beach.

Scope of Work

Areas of Analysis:

  • Is Cannon Beach seeing an increase of STR activity?
    • if so, are they geographically concentrated?
    • if so, are they related to intensity or duration of use?
    • if so, are there other concerns?
  • Is Cannon Beach seeing an increase in STR influenced complaints?
    • if so, are they traffic or parking related?
    • if so, are they noise or activity related?
    • if so, are they impacting other concerns?
  • Are there current issues with STR program?
    • do current STR meet parking requirements?
    • what is the geographic, zoning district and other program related breakout of the data?
    • are there code-alignment concerns with other aspects of the code, such as fire/safety, parking, etc.?
  • What are the residential/neighborhood impacts of the STR program?
  • What are the fiscal impacts of the STR program?


The STR Task Force will meet quarterly and serve for four years.


The STR Task Force shall incorporate a broad spectrum of Cannon Beach citizens, from industry professionals to homeowners and area stakeholders. The STR Task Force shall consist of 7 to 11 members, with at least 2 alternates pre-selected for those occasions that someone has to bow-out or if someone misses three consecutive meetings, in which case, they shall automatically be replaced by an alternate.

STR Task Force composition:

  • Members from the STR Industry (i.e. Property management professionals, STR past or current owners or operators, etc.)
  • Cannon Beach Homeowners (i.e. Primary Residents of Cannon Beach, Second-Home Owner, Long-term Rental Owner, etc.)
  • Cannon Beach Housing Advocacy (i.e. Renters, Hispanic and Young Professionals, etc.)
  • Cannon Beach Workforce (i.e. Realtor, Retail or Food Service, etc.)
  • Chamber or Tourism Representative