Crime Prevention Tips & Bulletins

Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility, not just a job for the Police. Crime can be reduced by simple measures such as remembering to lock a door, knowing about common con games, and watching out for your neighborhood.

In order for a crime to occur, the criminal must have the desire, ability, and opportunity to commit the crime. Crime prevention is all about reducing the "opportunity" component.

Tips for Travel to and in Unfamiliar Environments

  • If you must carry a purse, hold it close to your body. Don't dangle it.
  • Never carry a wallet in your back pocket. Put it in an inside jacket pocket or front pocket.
  • Avoid dark, deserted routes, even if they're the shortest.
  • Have your car or house keys in hand as you approach your vehicle or home.
  • When you drive, keep doors locked and windows up. Park in well-lighted, busy areas.
  • Make sure someone knows where you're going and when you are expected to return. Relatives or friends should have a description of the car that you are travelling in, including license plate number.
  • The city does experience several car clouts (break-ins) a year. Most of these thefts involved property being taken from unattended, unlocked vehicles (crime of opportunity). We can all reduce such opportunities by locking our parked vehicles.