Les Shirley Park

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208 E 5th Ave
Cannon Beach, OR 97110
United States


Open from dawn to dusk unless specifically authorized by city permit.  No overnight parking.

Les Shirley Park

On August 16, 2004, work began on a project to restore estuarine wetlands in a portion of Les Shirley Park. The project restored historic tidally influenced salt marsh and side channels habitat along the Ecola Creek estuary through the removal of fill material and the excavation of channels. The project created .65 acres of restored wetlands. The project is located in the portion of Les Shirley Park that is east of Logan Creek. The project was completed in late September.

The restoration project was an element of the salmon habitat restoration plan that has been adopted by the City for the lower portion of Ecola Creek. This plan includes recommendations on specific projects which will help restore the historic functions and values of the estuarine portion of Ecola Creek.

The Oregon Department of Transportation funded the entire project cost. The project provides compensatory mitigation for a Highway 101 improvement project in Warrenton. 

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