Tsunami Evacuation Routes, Assembly Areas & DOGMI Maps

Tsunami Evacuation

The City of Cannon Beach has prepared pedestrian evacuation route maps that can be utilized in case of a tsunami generated by a local Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, or a tsunami generated by an earthquake far from the Oregon Coast.

The purpose of the maps is to complement the Tsunami Evacuation Map that has been prepared by the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) for Cannon Beach by providing more specific information to City residents and visitors on evacuation routes.

The City has been divided into ten areas. Using the Index Map on the right, find your area of interest and select the appropriate Evacuation Route (ER) below.

For each route map, there is a designated assembly area where evacuees can safely wait for the all clear signal. The City is working to establish supply caches in conjunction with the designated assembly areas.

Use the maps to help plan your evacuation route from your home or business. Your goal should be to reach the designated assembly area, or a location that is landward of the yellow line on the map, within 15 to 20 minutes of an earthquake.