Wastewater Division


The mission of the Wastewater Division is to provide wastewater treatment and conveyance services to the City of Cannon Beach in a manner that preserves water quality and the beneficial uses of Ecola Creek and protects the public health and welfare. The Wastewater Division manages the City’s wastewater treatment facilities and provides pump station operations and maintenance for the local collection system. These facilities include 12.4 acres in facultative lagoons, 2 acres of an aerated lagoon, 16 acres of wetland treatment; nine pump stations, an analysis laboratory, and over 13 miles of transmission sewers. Listed below are some of the division’s highlights:

  • Treats nearly 180 million gallons wastewater a year 
  • Provides 24-hour services, 365 days a year to wastewater treatment and monitoring of pumping stations 
  • Provides 24-hour response for emergency equipment operation 
  • Provides analytical services and laboratory analysis in support of wastewater treatment 
  • Conducts environmental data analysis and prepares reports 
  • Operates plant with technical staff to meet strict EPA/ DEQ effluent standards 
  • Maintains all equipment for treatment plant, 9 pump stations, and laboratory 
  • Provides corrective and preventive maintenance of infrastructure 
  • Provides a utility work force for the division 
  • Maintains buildings and grounds for 9 pump stations 
  • Maintains collection system and repairs sewer segments, manholes, cleanouts, and sewer service connections 
  • Monitors, assesses, inspects, and abates inflow and infiltration in the wastewater collection system 
  • Interfaces with private contractors to assure all connections to existing sewers are made by the Wastewater Division.