12 Days of Earth Day

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12 Days of Earth Day 2023 Schedule Graphic

April 11-22, 2023

In April 2023, our Parks & Community Services Committee members will once again host a 12 Days of Earth Day celebration with a parade and street fair, as well as numerous other activities to honor our earth. We hope you'll join us, starting April 11 and continuing for 12 days, by doing something in honor of our beloved earth. You can celebrate 12 Days of Earth from near or far!

Consider any of these ideas: Plant a tree, check and repair your leaky faucets and toilet flappers (save water), develop a more robust recycling plan for your home or business (our drop-off center is open!), turn your yard into an oasis for birds and other creatures, plant a garden, join a volunteer group that focuses on environmental goals, adopt a highway and pick-up trash, change your light bulbs to environmentally friendly bulbs, adopt a creature and join a group that focuses on the support of that animal or species (join our HRAP team as a volunteer), or build a bird house!

Whatever you choose, we appreciate you, your family, and friends celebrating this important time of year right along with us!

"The earth is what we all have in common" ~ Wendell Berry