Cannon Beach Code Audit

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The objective of the Community Development Ordinance Code Audit project is to review and assess the CDO in comparison to the goals of the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The Cannon Beach Comprehensive Plan (Plan) was originally adopted in 1979, received major amendments in the 1980s, and has had a series of minor amendments since that time, most recently in 2017. The Community Development Ordinance (CDO) has been amended periodically to address specific issues, but not in a comprehensive fashion. As development pressure has become more acute in recent years, the community acknowledges there are gaps between what the Plan envisions and what the CDO supports. Through this project, a consultant team will conduct a comprehensive review of both the Plan and the CDO to determine:

  • How the Plan and CDO do or do not provide mutual support in furthering the community’s vision.
  • Which provisions in the CDO work together and which generate internal conflicts or inconsistencies.
  • Any definitions or terms that need to be amended to increase consistency with state requirements.

As an outcome of this analysis, the team will identify potential approaches to resolve the identified issues to improve the cohesiveness and clarity of the Plan and CDO. These code concepts will outline clear choices for different organizational and regulatory options. Concepts will allow for flexible development, consider form based approaches and/or context sensitive provisions, and be consistent with the community vision and goals. Concepts may include overall code re-organization or reformatting to increase legibility, new terms or definitions, and proposed new or modified development. Code concepts will clarify policy choices but not result in specific code language.