Proposed Wetland Overlay Ordinance Revision

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Proposed Wetland Overlay Zone Revision (CBMC 17.43)

The City recognizes the environmental value of wetlands, and the Cannon Beach Municipal Code contains wetland regulations in Chapter 17.43 Wetlands Overlay (WO) Zone to protect them.  This amendment to the wetland overlay ordinance has been a “fast tracked” component of the larger zoning code revision process.  The initial effort of this amendment process was undertaken by a group of local citizens.  This group created a draft, and the Urbsworks team which is contracted to assist the City with Community Development Ordinance revision project was asked to review the document and make recommendations as to how it might be further improved.  The goal of these revisions is to bring wetland protections in Cannon Beach up to the standard of other municipalities in Oregon. The focus throughout the process has been on maximizing environmental protection for our dwindling local wetlands while maintaining the ability for every lot owner to make use of their property.